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Mathematics is the ‘Queen of Sciences. According to Bertrand Russel, the highest end of science is to enrich human knowledge and endow human genius with the utmost creative potentiality, while its noblest aim is to make man’s social life better. That is to vanish poverty, unemployment and ignorance. It is with this aim we teach the students. Also, the learners are exposed to the vast and varied areas of Mathematics through seminars and symposiums by eminent mathematicians.

The department started functioning in August 1972 with pre-degree first group and BSc Mathematics. On the academic side, we have very good results. In spite of the fact that we get students with comparatively less marks and of poor financial background, we were able to produce excellent results. The department offers undergraduate programe in Mathematics with an intake of 24 +5 students (5 marginal increase). Mathematics is also a complimentary subject for UG programmes (Geology, Physics, Industrial Chemistry and Economics) in the college. 

Many eminent teachers enriched the department during the various phases of its growth. Teachers in the department are interested in improving the quality of teaching at the higher level. To achieve this, they are always keen to enhance their knowledge in the subject and to know about the emerging branches in their discipline. The research area of specialization of our teachers include Applied probability theory, Stochastic Modelling – Queueing theory, Topology, Fuzzy Mathematics, Fuzzy Graph Theory, Frames, Operator theory which are of the very advanced and flourishing branches in Mathematics. 

Every year the Department conducts at least one National seminar in which eminent scholars deliver talks on different topics. Department also encourages teachers to participate in conferences and seminars and our teachers are regularly attending seminars, conferences and workshops. 

Centre for Advanced Computing

The department has a well-equipped computer lab “Centre for Advanced Computing” sponsored by Department of Science and Technology under FIST (DST-FIST), Govt. of India with 25 systems connected by LAN.

List of teachers who served as Head of Department since 1972.

  1. Prof. Tresa 1973 – 1976
  2. Dr. Cecily Zechariahs 1976 – 1978
  3. Prof. J. Krishnan Nair 1978 – 1984
  4. Prof. Unnikrishnan Nair 1984 – 1987
  5. Prof. Gopinatha Pillai 1987 – 1989
  6. Prof. Sumathi Amma 1989 – 1991
  7. Sri. John Mathew 1991 – 1992
  8. Prof. C. A. Bala 1992 – 2000
  9. Prof. Omanakkutty Jacob 2000 – 2003
  10. Sri. T. M. Rajeev 2003 – 2006
  11. Sri. V. D. Sebastian 2006 – 2008
  12. Sri. V. V. Jayalal 2008 – 2019
  13. Dr. Varghese Jacob 2019