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Aquarium House


Aquarium house and ornamental fish breeding centre is a centre of attraction of Government college Kottayam . The aquarium house is unique in maintaining with more than thirty  species of freshwater ornamental fishes . This provides an opportunity for training the students in ornamental fish culture , breeding , setting and maintenance of aquariums. A programme called AQUAFEST was regularly conducting  in every year .  The aquarium house was inaugurated by Sri Mons Joseph , the PWD  minister in 2007. The 790 square feet building consist of about 30 glass aquariums of various sizes with different species of fresh water ornamental fishes . 2017 aquarium house is upgraded as a breeding centre. Breeding of guppies and fighter fishes were  already started . In every year fingerlings of guppies were distributed to various schools , through the support of local bodies.

Fishes maintained in Aquarium house 


2.Flower horn 

3.Red jewel cichlid

4.Red spot severum

5.Polar blue cichlid

6.Polar white cichlid

7.Colour widow tetra

8.Zebra thilapia 

9.Panda molly

10.Gold fish

11.Yellow gaurami

12.Blue turquoise jewel cichlid

13.Sword tail 


15.Black shark



18.Koi carp

19.Giant gaurami


21.Sk goldfish

22.Paradise gaurami

23.Tiger barb

24.Zebra danios

25.Silver dollar

26.Serpae tetra 

27.Rosy barb



In every year hundreds of students from various colleges and schools visiting our aquarium house . 


  • Guppy fingerling distribution . 

From our breeding centre guppy fingerlings are distributing  to near by schools every year . Last year guppys were distributed to GLSPS Nattakom , and LPS Parippu , Kottayam . This event is an extension programme of our college .

  • Hands on training on ornamental Fish breeding .

 Last year a hands on training on Techniques of ornamental fish breeding was organised in association with women cell of our college , about 30 students and ten faculty members were participated in the programme . Dr.Eapen Jacob , assistant professor of  Zoology , University College Thiruvanthapuram was the resource person .

N.B. For more information and enquiry  to visit please contact – Sojomon Mathew , Assistant professor , Department of Zoology , Mob.No . 9447659294 .