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Library holds an Indispensable role in improving students' achievements and developing a creative Society. Being the heart of the teaching-learning process of the college, the library serves the information needs of the academic community. The college library started functioning soon after the inception of the college in 1972. Initially, the Library was housed in a small room in one of the sheds of Govt. Polytechnic Nattakom. Later the library was shifted to A-block in the college building. The wish to have its own building for the general library became attainable in 2022 and from then onwards the library began to function here. The library has an extensive collection of academic books, research materials, and periodicals for satisfying the academic and research needs of students and faculty. The library has automated all its activities to provide effective services to library patrons. College Library has a collection of more than 50000 books and a good collection of Periodicals and journals. The library follows Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) and has been automated with Grandha and KOHA software respectively since 2014. Users can access the INFLIBNET N LIST Programme, which is a vast repository of online journals and e-books.

Library Resources



No. of Collection




General books






Book Bank



complimentary books



Reference Books












Cartographic Resources



E Information resources 



E Journals

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C D's


The general library and reading room will be open from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm on all days except Sundays and other Govt. Holidays. The circulation counter will also be open from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm.

a) Students coming to the library should produce their identity cards to the library staff on demand. 

b) Personal articles like bags, books, umbrellas, etc. should be kept at the entrance at places assigned for the purpose before entering the library.

c) Strict silence should be maintained in the library. Conversation, and loud talking, are strictly prohibited in the library.

d) Reference books, illustrated and rare books, special books, serial Publications, and periodicals will not be issued from the library. However, these may be consulted within the library after making necessary entries in the Reference register.

e) Magazines and newspapers should not be removed from their places on the tables. 

f) No mechanical reproduction or tracing of materials Shall be made without the permission of the librarian.

g) Any book may be recalled at any time even if the Period of loan has not expired.

h) Transfer or sub-lending of books taken out for loan is strictly prohibited.

i) All the books taken by the readers including teaching staff should be returned to the library before the end of the academic year for annual stock verification.

All the students and staff members of the college are eligible to become members of the library. Without membership, no one can borrow books from the library. To become a member of the college library, students have to produce the below-mentioned documents: 

  1. College Admission card
  2. 1 Passport Size Photo 


No. of books


Teaching staff


30 days

Non-teaching staff


14 days

PG students


14 days (14 Days renewal) 

UG Students


14 days (14 days renewal)

Library cards will be issued to the students who have completed the membership process. Books are issued to the students on a Library card. The open access system is as follows in the library. Students have access to any section/ shelf. After making his selection, the borrower must produce the book and library card at the circulation counter. The book will be issued after making the necessary entries.

Library staff should examine the book when they are returned by the borrower in order to take necessary action whenever necessary. Borrowed books must be returned within a period of two weeks when they can be reissued for a further period of two weeks if no one else has reserved for them. But in special circumstances, the librarian can call back any book at any time from a reader, even if the period of the loan has not expired. Should the library not be open when a book is due, it must be returned the next day on which it is open.

Water damage, mold, marking on books with pencil or ink, soiling them, damage to pages or binding, underlining, writing remarks, etc. on pages, folding or tearing off pages, etc. will be held as serious charges.

Borrowers will be responsible for the loss of or damage to the books taken out by them. If a book is lost, it should be reported to the librarian immediately. He will decide if the book is to be replaced or paid off. If after the payment of the cost, a book lost or missing is recovered, the library will not accept it. The penal cost of the missing book should be levied in the following manner: -

  • Ten times the actual cost of books published before 1. 1. 1946

  • Six Times the actual cost of books published between 1.1.1946 and 1.1.1970

  • Three times the actual cost of books published after l. 1 1970

  • In the case of foreign books, the conversion rate of the present rate will be charged.

Borrowers who do not return books when due, will be fined RS. 1 per day for each volume and will not be allowed to take out more books until the fine is Paid. All such fines may be paid to the college office and the receipt issued should be shown to the librarian to nullify the fine.

Librarian Grade IV 

Nissy Samuel

BSc (Zoology), B Ed, BLISc, MLISc, NET


Library Assistant 1

Pramod KB


Library Assistant 2

Nithish Sathyan