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Date of Birth
Permanent address
Mobile 7485968595
Date of Joining
Assistant Professor & Research Guide (Post Graduate Department of Commerce)

A) Academic Record

• Post-Doctoral Research from Institute for Social and Economic
Change(ISEC), Bangalore , 2018 on “Quality Dimensions of Higher
Education: An Analysis from Stakeholders’ Perspective”
• Ph.D. in the Faculty of Commerce from Mahatma Gandhi University in
2009. Thesis titled, “Motivation of School Teachers in Kerala- An
Assessment of Quality Dimensions Consequent to Reforms in the
Education Sector”.
• M.Ed.with first class from IGNOU during the year 2016.
• M.B.A with first class from Annamalai University in 2010 with specialization
in Finance.
• M.Com with first class from Mahatma Gandhi University in 1996 with
specialization in Finance.
• Qualified in the National Eligibility Test of UGC for Lectureship in 1997.

B) Books Published
1. Derivatives and Risk Management, Kalyani Publications, New Delhi,2020
2. Security Analysis and Portfolio Management, Kalyani Publications, New
3. Investment Management, Kalyani Publications, New Delhi,2018.
4. Fundamentals of Accounting, for Undergraduate students of Mahatma Gandhi
University, Prathiba Publication, 2010.
C) Research Experience
1. Completed minor project of UGC on ‘Total Quality Management in Higher
Education: A Critical Study’.
2. Completed the Major Project of ICSSR(IMPRESS) on ‘ Employability of Rural
Graduates: A study on Skills Gap among Commerce Graduates in Kerala’
3. Supervising eight research scholars

D) Publications
1. Determinants of Employability -A Study on Individual Factors of Commerce
Graduates in Kerala State-Studies in Indian Place Names,v ol-40-Issue-76-
2. Fundamental Analysis of Selected IT Companies in India with Special Focus on
Firm Specific Factors-International Journal of Management, IT & Engineering
Vol. 9 Issue 1, January 2019.
3.Behind the Numbers: Emerging Trends in Health Insurance in India,International
Journal of Multi -Disciplinary Research, vol.4, June 2019.
4. Rationality or Euphoria-which One is Driving the Investors of Equity Markets?-
Mirror, vol.9,issue 1, June 2019.
5. Claim Settlement Mechanism of Health Insurers in India: A Critical Analysis-
International Journal of Research in Social Sciences Vol. 8 Issue 4, April 2018
ISSN: 2249-2496
6. Employability Skills:A Study on Commerce Graduates of Kerala, Journal of
Experimental and Theoretical Research,vol.10,2018.
7. ICT in Higher Education Road map Towards Quality Education, Research
Scholar, Vol.5, No.2, June 2015
8. Will Reading become History?,Journal of Management Research, vol.2, No.2,
July 2014
9. Direct Benefit Transfer: A Game Changer? Kerala Calling (Publication by
Government of Kerala), June 2013
10. Black Money: Looking Through The Social Prism”, Journal of Commerce and
Management Association of India, February 2013.