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GCK LMS is a platform for supporting students in better understanding various courses of his/ her programme. It has been implemented in the college during Covid – 19 pandemic period. GCK LMS is a Moodle-based platform, that enables personalized learning experiences for students. Since it is an online platform, students can avail of classes, videos, and study materials provided by concerned teachers, anytime and anywhere by using Mobile, Tabs, or PC. In mobile and Tabs, they can avail of classes using Moodle app, which can be freely downloadable from the Google play store. In GCK LMS individual teachers/teachers engaging in a course can create a course page for students of a programme. Here teachers are in absolute control of various teaching methodologies. For better communication between teachers and students, chat boxes, discussion forums, etc. are available. Students can post their doubts or questions in various formats - voice message, text messages, videos, etc.